Book 2: Doing the Right Thing

Chapter 1

We Always Have to do Something Else First!

“The difference, a defining characteristic for what we call the third world, is nutrition.” ~ GB

We will never rescue the soul of any person with gruel. Cheap, calorie-dense handouts perpetuate mental dullness and only delay the probable extinction of their non-viable societies. We have to first feed them real food!

Our Highest Mission

One of our highest missions is to provide nutrition and nutrition education for all of mankind. This will elevate and rejuvenate us to levels of spirituality and understanding never imagined in all of creation, in all of history. Never imagined, except, of course, on the first page of the Bible. HE gave us plants to eat and animals as companions.

How Tall are you – Does it Matter?

“Malnutrition, in all its forms, imposes unacceptably high costs – direct and indirect – on individuals, families and nations.”

“Adult earnings are reduced by 2.4% for every 1% loss in potential attained height. Further costs are incurred through impaired learning, poor school performance, compromised adult labor productivity, and increased health care costs. Overnutrition also bears a significant cost; at least 2.6 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese”

– Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition, July 2016

The Supreme Court, the Presidency and the Super Bowl

Nature shows us the importance of evolutionary diets in many ways, every day. Look at how well we care for a prized Kentucky Derby horse and the sharp contrast to how we manipulate Mother Nature in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

The classic “African Child” images of squalor, starvation and death are instructive. These kids illustrate the extreme limits of nutritional deficiency. Give them privileges of better nutrition and sanitation and the results are Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and Super Bowl Winners.

Graph it: nutrition/sanitation in the Third World countries vs. their academic/athletic performance as one point on our graph. Then transplant those same genetics into First World societies and see the dramatic improvement in performance. This proves these impoverished individuals have God-given potential beyond imagination – what a difference nutrition makes!

Promoters of Eugenics never learned when we eat better, we perform better; get smarter, eat even better, perform even better etc. It is a success-circle. Untold millions of human beings were marginalized, maimed and killed by those idiotic, self-aggrandizing do-gooders.

We can use this graph to better ourselves, our kids and our world. Serena Williams, world tennis champion, proved it. So did her sister Venus. As did Kendrick Farris, the Tennessee Titan defensive team, and Tom Brady. Let’s not forget about Yale’s Dr. Chittenden a hundred years ago. There are no downsides to eating from our evolutionary WFPB menu.

This is so blatantly obvious that I sometimes lose understanding and empathy for our leaders who cannot see this.

To me, this is the Right Thing To Do for ourselves, our children and our planet.

Chapter 2



Margaret Robinson and I cuddled on a bleacher seat at the Marsh Fork High School gym during a 9th grade sock hop. We were listening to Elvis sing “Love Me Tender.”

Not sure why this came to mind when I thought about harpooning whales. Just did. My mind has 60,000 thoughts every day…at least…and I just learn to enjoy the moments. What I was thinking about was how love is like silk, kindness is like flannel. Not sure where that came from either. I write from my heart, from what I feel.

When we speak of being kind to animals, we are being more patronizing than sincere…flannel, not silk. This is due mainly to the deceits of childhood. A child is born in innocence. Without guile, without sin.

Teaching Kids to Lie

When we allow a whale to be harpooned in the name of “research,” we are committing an unfathomable sin. We can tolerate this as adults because we were misinformed as children. God created us in innocence, without the desire to kill, without the racist illusion we are superior to any of His other creations. The Animists understood this equality.

But after the Agricultural Revolution, we were taught and now teach that animals are inferior, pigs are filthy and stinky; to laugh as cows poop in ignorance without modesty. As kids, we were fed pizza without all the facts. The facts: the mother cow watched as they killed her infant son and then stole her milk. We pretend cows don’t mind. Then they grind up her kid and feed it back to her. They use flame throwers to dehair and disinfect her before milking. Otherwise we would pay more for the cheese on the pizza. (Addictive cheese that may lead to opioid dependence!)

As soon as baby boy chicks hatch, they are placed on a conveyor belt where they go screaming into a macerator. And fed back to their mothers. Death screams. But we don’t tell our kids this. The Bible says when we know better and don’t do better, it is a sin on our heads. We don’t need to be told this is wrong. The Bible says knowing right from wrong is an innate gift.

We don’t tell our four-year-old about the mother pig who can never in her life see her kids. She is forced into one position in a narrow crate so your kids can have cheaper pepperoni on their pizza. She is soon spent and thus slaughtered in three years, all the while screaming for the relief of death. That’s where we get your pepperoni. And most of us are perpetuators of these atrocities. It’s our little secret.

The biggest lie, the most transparent hoax of all time, is telling kids their bodies need animal products. Ask Tom Brady.

Prison for our Kids and Loss of Gun, Voting and Flight Privileges

This way the kid never has a chance. Kids have no rights, no voice. They are addicted before they have the opportunity to opt out. Once that happens, Addictive Denial trumps all logic…watch a smoker. Addiction alters our brains, changes our ability to sense right from wrong.

We protect addiction through our laws. It is a felony to photograph CAFO atrocities. Prison time and loss of gun, flight and voting rights. We don’t have the guts to tell our kids all this from this perspective…we are addicts as well. The system is working. The economy is booming…especially the health care system.

Watch the Australian documentary on YouTube called The Earthlings. Or Dominion. You will see I speak the truth.

Animal Abuse = Child Abuse = Adult Abuse

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.” – G. B. Shaw

What would cause one human to harm another? This question torments me as I read the Bible. Genocide is ordained by God. Well not categorically, just sometimes.

I was recovering in a hotel room from the second day of laser surgery on my neck vertebrae and watching Nat Geo demonstrate ancient punishments and tortures. Seemed to fit in with my state of mind at the time. You know the drill: sticks in the eye, cutting off hands and feet and tongues, burning at the stake, keel hauling, lion’s den. Really imaginative and creative. The ‘brass bull and trumpet’ was one I had not seen before.

The best one was crucifixion. Reminded me of how my father died. The deal is when we are upright with arms spread, secured either with nails or ropes, we suffocate. As with waterboarding, slow suffocation is on par with slow burning. I did not know this. Think about being held underwater. The enormity of the panic, the overwhelming terror…

When they provide a foot rest, the torture is extended, perhaps for days. As long as the victim can push up from below, they can breathe. The choice of ropes or nails is only an installation factor. Ropes are the easier way to secure the miscreant. The nails add a little more insult.

I watched a research harpoon on a wobbly course travel through the air and sink deeply into a beautiful whale. I thought of the moment the Roman executioner gleefully hit the head of the nail and drove it through the hand of Jesus Christ. How it must have felt. Probably what this whale felt as well.

Whales can feel. God’s plan. But humans justify killing them for “research.” Pet food is only a by-product so nothing goes to waste.

Watching the whale drag the “researchers” for hours until she becomes exhausted and dies revived images of Jesus wallowing out those nail holes while suffocating for hours and hours (they gave him a foot rest) …thinking of my father and his years of panic events from suffocation. Reminded me that animals have feelings. They have rights. I feel obligated to provide stewardship for our trusting friends.

Halal Meat

Have you heard the details on this one? You gently calm the animal, gain its confidence, hold it firmly, look it directly in the eye, and cut its “windpipe, jugular and carotid” in one swift stroke with an especially sharpened knife. You must maintain eye contact until its blood is completely drained. The animal must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter.

Halal Meat in Colorado

“You might be eating halal meat without knowing it.” – Says National Public Radio (KUSA) April 2, 2018.

“Wearing a heavy smock and rubber boots, Amadedin Eganwa stands over a large conveyor belt that’s carrying “unconscious” lambs. He faces east, toward Mecca, gently lifts the animal’s head in the same direction and under his breath he quickly says a prayer — bismillahi allahu akbar, or “in God’s name” — before swiftly cutting the lamb’s throat. Eganwa, a practicing Muslim, performs this slaughter almost 900 times each day at Superior Farms Slaughterhouse in Denver so that the meat is halal, meaning it’s prepared according to Islamic law.”

An emergency practice for Muslims is to utter “there is no god except Allah” before each bite of meat from an animal that has been stunned and could not experience its death.

Would Children Consider Doing This to The Easter Bunny?

Our children would not do this. Why would anyone else? How do I explain it? How do I communicate from my paradigm across to an unholy addictive world where innocent creatures are imprisoned, humiliated, tortured, killed and discarded? Where we feed stillborn and newborn calves back to their mothers. Little kids would not do this by Nature. Ask them. We co-opted them into this paradigm without their permission, just as they do with child soldiers of Africa. Militia leaders teach killing humans is good. We do the same here with select animals.

We feed our kids pizza and pepperoni before they can understand there is an option, before they have a chance to decide for themselves. These unnatural foods kill as surely as a bullet, just not on the same ballistic chart. Our way of killing also blunts minds and spirits well before those junk food bullets find heart’s center.

Without their permission. Ask any five-year old if they would rather pet or eat the Easter Bunny. Children are attracted to animals and animal facsimiles. Kids treat pets as equals. They will feed, play and sleep with them, take them on road trips. They treat teddy bears as if they were alive. It is in our deepest programing as Earthlings to respect all things in Nature.

But the addictions accompanying the nutritional imbalance of processed foods, ushered in by the Ag Rev, turned us into creatures without compassion. Our bodies were snatched. Just as in that old movie, we make sure everyone in our spheres are also a part of this awful paradigm. The reason children love animals goes back to our evolutionary programming…to Animism where we felt a duty to stewardship. Now we are addicted to foods which diminish us. We assume the arrogance of dominance to justify how we treat those creatures. We will do anything to feed our habit. Addicts are known to go to extremes… steal from family… prostitution… murder… pass laws to protect CAFOs…

A Curious Way to Gain Atonement

Guilt for our monumental environmental desecration and killing of sentient creatures to please our palates and satisfy our addictions is profound. We tell our kids they are born into sin. Our Creator made them imperfect and they must atone, supplicate, beg forgiveness and apologize their whole lives. (Even so, almost all of them are going to fall short of the Glory and burn in hell forever anyway. That’s what Grandfather K. Z. Browning told Aunt Faye.)

How Great is our America?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way in which its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s test how great our nation is today. How do we treat the animals we don’t eat or keep in the house? For instance, before selling new vanity cosmetics to humans, manufacturers first rub those secret beauty formulae into the eyes of albino rabbits. Albinos have the most sensitive eyes of all, the easiest to burn out with chemicals.

Can you imagine the sounds? Rabbits become worthless after their eyes are scorched, so off with them to the garbage heap and bring in another batch. Explain this process to your four-year-old and with photos. Let them watch the humiliation in the final moments of that bunny’s life. Tell them this has to be our little secret so the vanity industry can continue to profit without being sued.

As you feel some pangs of regret for these animals, I have come to believe those feelings, our heart’s intuition, are part of our deepest programming in our Reptilian Brain. We know all this is wrong.

What More Is There To Say?

What more is there to say? Unless you can take your four-year-old child to a CAFO operation and let them participate in deciding if this is right or wrong, he or she will be doomed forever in complicity and guilt, however subliminally it might be. Children in more compassionate societies have less anger, disease, dissention, war and psychoses. Many of our problems today can be traced back to what and how we fed our criminals and misfits as kids.

Chapter 3


“No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.” – Emma Goldman

Just as we don’t understand how fatally addicted we are to our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), we cannot see through our blindness of addiction the horrible suffering of those sentient creatures within the CAFOs. Those are the world’s most inhumane asylums ever devised by Man. We claim to care about our global environment, yet we participate in the single greatest source of pollutants in history. Remember this the next time you claim to have compassion or be an “environmentalist.” Visualize the rivers of blood pumped from dying hearts…and realize it is only your addictive trance that keeps you from recognizing you are an integral part of this travesty. It is up to you to stop this unforgiveable sin.

What is a CAFO?

There are 20,000 CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) subsidized by our USDA and protected by the FDA. The rate of increase is 7% a year. These houses of horror contribute 35% of the “global warming” gases and pollution. CAFOs contribute more pollutants than ALL forms of transportation. CAFOs are economically and environmentally unsustainable. They provide cheap burgers at McDonalds ONLY because of taxpayer support with the Farm Bill. An inexplicable Pork-Barrel-laden ethical nightmare from our politicians.

Our fellow life forms (pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits) are selected for this punishment and death sentence. We would put you in jail if you did to a dog or cat what they do to a baby calf. Our government will put you in jail if you photograph what they do to those baby pigs, chickens and calves. Eco-terrorists are felons and can no longer vote, own guns or fly commercially.

Each year, 56 billion helpless, defenseless, sentient creatures are genetically altered, confined to zero space quarters from birth, and fed unnatural food (chemicals, hormones, drugs and relatives) which keep them and their microbiome sick throughout their ordeal. Some are never allowed to sleep. They find relief only at the moment of death.

Every second of their lives is engineered to create maximum profit. Some of the money-making practices include sanitizing udders with hot flames, crude castration, tail amputation, beak burning and horn “disbudding,” all without the benefit anesthesia. Imagine those awful screams in pain. What it must smell like. The continual squeal from pig prisons can be heard for over a mile.

I heard this as we walked near one in Weld County, Colorado. The smell goes much farther. Their pleas for help go unheeded. Just as with the victims in Auschwitz.

The victims of Auschwitz were not nameless beings. Each had a mother, father, family, friends, network. However, once we dehumanize any living being, it becomes a “thing”, and without intrinsic value. So, when the Nazis concluded that poison gas was their most efficient way of killing, the commandant was rewarded for frugality when he cut the concentration in half. Took several minutes longer, but no one could see and only a few could hear the screams from those sub-humans.

You do the same to pigs today. Watch the Australian documentaries, The Earthlings and Dominion on YouTube. Poison gas is expensive, so cut the concentration in half and save a lot of money. Why? It makes for cheaper pepperoni for your pizza. So, when you find bargain in the dead pig market, you know one of the tricks used kept the price down.

Is There an Acceptable Maiming Rate?

While owners of CAFOs report their “error rate” is “acceptedly low,” some of the animals enjoy a prolonged death. Some get to feel the knife slice their necks and watch their life’s blood running into the vat below. Some chickens get plucked alive, pigs are dipped alive into the scalding tank. Ducks and geese are “sustainably plucked” so they can be plucked more than once, and without anesthesia. Maimed without mercy.

Inevitability of Torture

It is not humanly possible to have the means and opportunity to torture lesser beings and resist for long periods. Goes with the territory. In one cattle yard, the crew built spears with steel blades and would routinely poke the cows. They used the spear shafts to beat them to the point of bleeding.

The Ideal Diet on Death Row

CAFO guests are fed a mixture of:

  1. Grains: a large percentage of the billions of tons of taxpayer-subsidized GMO (genetically modified) corn and soybeans are fed in CAFOs. (This is a welfare program for the Fast Food Industry.)
  2. Oil cake: the low fiber residue from squeezing soy beans.
  3. Rendered Animal Products (stuff they can’t easily sell): Blood, mucous, hair, hoofs, offal (guts, lungs), hides…all taken to a rendering plant and melted together with 4D animal sources.
  4. 4D Animal sources (Damaged, Diseased, Disabled, Dead): How clever is this euphemism? It includes stillborn calves, unwanted boy calves, baby male chicks, sick piglets, roadkill etc. It is typically same-species meat. (Forced Cannibalism…milk cows get to eat their stillborn and euthanized babies…same with chickens and pigs.)
  5. Animal fecal waste: CAFO operators use plastic pellets to simulate fiber in their unnatural GMO grain and dead-relatives mix. It is expensive to dispose of insoluble plastic, so they reclaim some of the plastic by recycling the poop. Eating a little poop is not the problem…the problem is the same with our ocean food chain – pollution concentration. This practice concentrates contaminants, heavy metals, persistent pesticides and “antimicrobials” (80% of all antibiotics are used prophylactically in those horror chambers).

FDA POLICY STATEMENT: No regulatory action will be considered for animal feed ingredients resulting from the ordinary rendering process of industry, including those using animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, provided they are not otherwise in violation of the law.

The horror goes beyond my words. When the animals refuse to eat, stiff feeding tubes are forced into their stomachs. The levels of ammonia from urine and gases from feces would gag a maggot. Thousands of reports of slaughterhouse brutality, taunting the animals and random slashing have been verified. Workers suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They suffer more injuries and more lost time for all causes than any other industry. Goes for the Halal bunch as well. Watch the movie on YouTube, The Earthlings. I dare you. Watch Dominion while you’re at it.

We Have Bottomed Out

Tengrists and Animists intuited we are simply a part of Creation; that all life forms are on a common plain and in some state of equality. However, beginning with the Agricultural Revolution, this world view changed. The Ag Rev brought about a new era for Sapiens. We presumed a superiority, a dominance over every other element on our earth and beyond.

Our radically new foods – processed grains, fatty meats, refined sugars, abundance of salt, alcohol, caffeine – proved to be addictive. Addiction changes who we are. It can be significant. Some addictions compel us to literally do anything to satisfy the desire.

In this new mindset, we came to believe the ultimate reason for existence is pleasure. It developed into the most pervasive religion in history: Hedonism. We extract minerals to exhaustion to create ever faster mobility and the endless stream of labor-saving devices. We cut trees until the land is a desert to create cheap dwellings.

More recently, we cage animals by the billions in unviewable torture chambers to please our tongues. Our government will send you to prison if you take a picture from the inside. Why, you may ask. Those photos would discourage consumption.

You can make mental pictures without penalty. Male baby chicks forced into macerators and then fed back to the females. Turkeys genetically compromised for growth to the extent they can’t walk or breed. Milk cows punished with brutal milking protocols and constant udder infections. Odors bordering on unbearable, cries for relief beyond imagination, no night, lights on all the time, constant stream of antibiotics and hormones…80% of all the antibiotics in the world are used here!

Only monsters do this. Makes Hannibal Lecter (the terrifying cannibal) look like a Boy Scout. Unfortunately, there is more. It is even worse.

Environmental Crisis

These places cause 35% of man’s pollution, yet we kid ourselves into saying token carbon taxes and fuel-efficient cars will “make a difference.” Our youth protest by blocking traffic in London, exclaiming the “government is not doing enough to stop global warming.” It may seem like stupidity as they que up at McDonald’s. It is not.

It is part of the complicated addiction syndrome known as addictive denial. With parental and societal blessing, those immature do-gooders became deeply addicted to fast foods and animal products. They cannot grasp they are part of the problem. Big government is the last place for relief – it is part of the problem! I wish I could get those kids to understand the single greatest contribution to world health is adopting a Plant-Based diet. It is also the best thing they can do for themselves and their kids.

Now you can get a “feel” for what it is like to be hooked on smoking. When you are outside of the addiction, it is easy to wonder why people do those harmful things to themselves. London’s kids are trying to make a difference, but have been deprived of proper food since birth. Now they can’t reason properly, can’t break their addictive trance. Their genetic heritage is getting ever farther from their Earthling origins.

How do you Feel about CAFOs?

Would you allow your teens to have summer jobs in those places? I think it would scar them deeper than four years of combat. It would reduce their capacity for empathy and compassion to the level of a Nazi crematoria officer.

Take your second-grade class for a tour in a CAFO and they would have nightmares for years. Look at this photo and imagine they are looking at the baby boy chicks panicking as they are being swept into the giant macerator. Ask them to imagine what those first incisions must feel like as the little fellow scampers on the downy pieces under his feet.

Why people do these things…allow those things…why would you feed your kids foods that compromise their lives forever and then celebrate the activity…pizza parties. Host a pizza party to support for a carbon tax to counter global warming.

Stupid? No, it is just helplessness and food addiction. Addictive denial. The Trance. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

“You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blind Eyes, Rats and Pigs

We turn a blind eye to the underworld of CAFOs and then export our new food paradigm to people in faraway lands and watch those unsuspecting recipients get sick and die. Think Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonalds. Then we canonize the Colonel and Ronald for all the money they are making and feed our kids Happy Meals. We buckle up kids in race car harnesses, which the NSC says saves 250 lives each year, and drive them for fast food, guaranteeing each of them a host of health issues all their lives. That is logic only addicts can support.

Rats and pigs are programmed with bait shyness. So are most mammals and even crows. When they see an associate do poorly with a food or drink, they will avoid it the rest of their lives. Just one time is all it takes in Nature to honor this survival message. Addiction, however, erases that common-sense programing.

Lab rats can be addicted to sugary foods to the extent they will pass by rat food and cross electrified grids to get to the bowl of sugar. When forced into both cocaine and sugar addiction, and then compelled to choose between the two, they choose sugar over cocaine.

Foreign nationals in British Columbia make headlines weekly with their burden on the Canadian health care system. Epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart and other non-communicable diseases…diseases practically unknown in their homelands. Yet only a few of us see this as a problem of our own making; a problem that can be addressed, first at home and then with school lunch, the U.S. Food Stamp program, hospital cafeterias and other publicly funded or regulated facilities that serve a large number of people. (Have you seen what is being served to patients in our hospitals…when you do, perhaps I will not seem as extreme as you may think.)

Ending World Hunger

Today, in 2019, we know animal food sources are inferior to plant sources. We have exposed the hoax of a need for animal protein. We know that CAFOs are the single greatest contributor to world pollution and world extinction. We know we could feed 800 million people with the resources we waste raising and slaughtering animals. This would end world hunger…and obesity, which, thanks to junk and fast food, is now the most prevalent form of malnutrition. Mind-blowing statistics!

The Future of our Children

I worry about the future of our children in this paradigm. Kids are born with compassion for all sentient life forms. They love hugging teddy bears, petting dogs and cats; it never crosses their minds they have the right to kill. The Arrogance of Domination is learned behavior. There is deep truth in the phrase, “the innocence of a child.” They have to learn from our examples how to do wrong.

Chapter 4


One day in meditation, I was consumed by a thought which swept over me from nowhere…or somewhere…
“We will never see what could have been.” That is so sad and so true.
– GrandBob

Abortion and CAFOs

This discussion about killing one’s own son or daughter (filicide, abortion) follows the Chapter on CAFOs because they are related.

Our society legalized stealing the freedom of sentient animals, stealing their kids and stealing their lives, in any way we choose. So, what’s the moral issue with abortion? Just another unknown, unseen minor lifeform. Dehumanized as were the Jews of Auschwitz.

The original Man, the one that lives inside a child, would not understand the concept of abortion. Filicide is so foreign to who we are! Our very first religious symbols were for our Goddess of Fertility, the Earth Mother. It takes a long process of indoctrination to get our children to participate in those unnatural, companion paradigms of CAFOs and abortion.

This indoctrination for our children is accomplished through Hedonism, where nothing is more important than immediate gratification. The mind-numbing adjunct to immediate gratification is today’s new, manufactured hyperpalatables. These are wildly addictive. They are meant to be.

We must feed those addictions. This becomes all-consuming of our souls. We eat a pepperoni pizza without remorse for the millions of calves slaughtered at birth, a process incidental to making cheese. Kids are given chicken nuggets and they lose all pity for the boy chicks falling into macerators. No one cares about the genetic Frankensteins in the cages, killed before they quit peeping. We don’t care when a defective piglet is fed back to its mother to make cheaper pepperoni. We don’t even talk about it.

The Shinning Light

I visualize a blinding flash of light at the moment of the miracle of conception. Where our Life Force is passed on to the next generation. A bright energy that goes forward to guide us and others along the pathway of life on earth and perhaps beyond. This brightness can be called a soul, a consciousness, an awareness. So many names for something we cannot name.

This light can be conserved in the caves of a monastery with an ascetic or shown to all the world by a Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King or the Dali Lama or Jesus Christ. It is the same joyful light within each of us, it is more a matter of what we choose to do with it.

Partial Abortion – How to Dim the Light

This concept is pretty easy to explain by looking at my favorite graphic, the Abused Fetus. Our light which could cover the world is only as bright as we make it. It is only as bright as the care and attention we give it. There is an optimum fuel for our life’s force, the fuel that led us and our large brains to the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution.

The Ag Rev marked a time where Sapiens switched from a more complete suite of nutrients in our food to the monotony of processed, addictive, calorie-dense fare. To the Children’s Menu where the miracle is that there is a light at all.

Other Views on Abortion

You can tell what I think about abortion. Those of us who have re-engaged with Oneness, with Animism, are more likely to be opposed. I find it incomprehensible to even debate.

I wondered what others thought. There are some seemingly noble people who engage in this practice. What would give their consciousness the freedom to kill a little kid? My answer is, of course, today’s version of Sapiens has misplaced priorities. Looking back in history, what jumps out is the total lack of appreciation for the role of nutrition.

There are literally thousands of versions of what happens to an aborted fetus or a stillborn infant. The Calvinists, strict constructionists of the Bibles and believers in an angry, jealous God who sends most of us to Hell, say God knows exactly what a fetus would have amounted to and sends it or him or her to heaven or hell as appropriate. They also believe that a super devout 35-year-old who dies prematurely, perhaps hit by a truck, may not automatically go to heaven. It could be that he would have backslid at some point in the future. Their God would know this and send him to Hell. I could not find at what age a fetus would be in their heaven.

St. Thomas Aquinas and many others in the Catholic Church believe our souls are tainted by the sins of our forefathers and baptism as per John 3:5 is required for admission into heaven. This camp suggests the aborted soul resides forever in Limbo. Bummer, but better than Hell.

I don’t understand Heaven or Hell, but Limbo…this is much more relatable!

Catholic faith would have the mother die in order for the fetus to survive. The mother is obviously baptized and will go forward to her reward. The only hope for the kid is to have it born and baptized.

The Jewish faith believes the soul of a child is pure and the soul of an aborted child will certainly go to Heaven. Projecting this concept forward, life on earth is flicker of starlight. Heaven is eternity. So, why not marry, become pregnant every few months, have abortions, and send dozens of kids to the paradise of Heaven.

Abortion can be made complicated. In my reality, it is not. It is counter to Nature.


Today we stand at the crossroads. We can see behind us the pathetic outcomes of lack of information. Eugenics is my favorite (See Book One). Starve a kid (and his parents from before conception) and then castrate him for poor performance. Feed kids from the Kid’s Menu and watch as they go through life, fatter and fatter, sicker and sicker.

We can prove, for the first time ever, the importance of good nutrition from day one. We can see a freshly constructed road to optimum health and happiness. There are veggie stands on our new road. There are no abortion clinics.

Chapter 5


“One showing is Worth a Hundred Sayings.” – Alan Wilson Watts


I love our video medium. I created the video unit at the Colorado Department of Transportation in 1994 in a corner of the Print Room. We purchased the first of the digital editing systems. Before that, believe it or not, we had to cut and splice actual film tapes. The new world of computerized images was revolutionary. Same with sound. We could perform miracles…even make my voice credible as a narrator.

Our productions were focused on technology transfer, showing and teaching what we learned through the CDOT research program. Our primary topic was Geosynthetically Confined Soil. That magic composite remains under-utilized to this day. I trust it will be mainstream as you read this. Heaven knows the world deserves it.

Video can be a powerful form of communication, and even more valuable when words or text fail us. Creating a video script is very different than writing a technical paper. You can create a personal connection with the audience. You can gain trust and commitment beyond a multi-authored report on research findings.

As with most of my work, I start with the answer and work backwards. In our collaborative video titled something like, “The Role of Ethics in Everyday Life,” we want to bring awareness to the dichotomies and paradoxes in food choices in today’s society. Our knowledge has leapt light years ahead of our understanding.

Advancements in the State of the Art happen ahead of State of the Practice (obviously). It’s the core of what we call progress. But that gap between discovery and implementation is not uniform. Some inventions are seized upon immediately, others after a great hiatus. And we have left a bunch of game-changers on the table for sure.


As an example of variables in the states of knowledge and practice, think about polio vaccines. When I was in elementary school, we lived in terror of polio. President Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound for all of his adult life as a result of childhood polio. People all around me contracted polio, and with indeterminate, untraceable causes. There were no villages to burn or witches to drown. So, when Jonas Salk had a ‘probably effective’ vaccine, it was adopted and administered overnight.

But when we have a more efficient light bulb, the catch-on time can be extensive, if ever. When we have better food information…well, so far, it has not caught on.

Why a Video?

I am a visual learner and teacher. I am constantly immersed in visions…my 60,000 thoughts each day are pictures. To make a point or to transfer what I have learned, I immediately think, “Picture This.” I think Al must do the same. Most every great idea from either of us was spontaneously created on a napkin. That’s our proving ground.

Thus, if you will follow along with me in how I would use a documentary video to explain the negative consequences of feeding a child mystery meat (chicken nuggets), perhaps the visions in your mind will bring understanding. Perhaps you will be able to confront the paradox of Doing the Right Thing and your participation in CAFOs. This is a test to see if you are a visual learner.

Our Plot

Here is the fun part, the part that turns my crank! This whole book goes on and on about the relationships between what we eat and who we are. We finally were able to villainize smoking after we were repeatedly hit over the head with epidemiological proof that smoking was harmful. We were later greeted with the data showing second-hand smoke was a contributor to disease and early death. We banned smoking in public places.

That was during my earlier years…I smoked for 28 years, and I know I am lesser in many ways for it. Had my wonderful parents known of the harm to their three children, they would have quit immediately. We just did not know. (My regrets fuel today’s passion.)

Now, those epidemiologists have determined that today’s food sources, junk food, chemical-laden meat and fish, our processed grains, foods with high saturated fat content, foods with added sugar (basically anything that is not found in nature) …can be as harmful as smoking.

Yet society remains as the deer in the headlights, queuing up in droves at the fast food outlets. Exporting junk food all over the world and watching recipients die in consequence. We remain oblivious to statistical certainties that show our kids will become victims of chronic illnesses that only those foods can create. A pepperoni pizza is the equivalent of a cigarette. So is a Big Mac. These hyperpalatables create a myriad of negative responses within our body…our mind…our very soul. We become addicted beyond redemption.

The Plot is to reveal the seriousness of our departure from our upward evolution and into our devolution into the world of junk food. How we do this is the magnificent challenge to our imaginations. What can we say and show which will finally get people to quit compromising our kids? To understand everything we put it our mouths either heals or hurts…

Here’s How We Do It

We can do it with two actors and some quickie inserts from the horror chambers of CAFOs.

Our heroine is a young girl, five to eight years old, intensely innocent and totally naïve. She is dedicated as children are to doing the right thing. She is the key to success or failure of our mission.

Our Falstaff is a portly, cherubic grandmother who is honest and simple. She represents the shallowness of today’s society. We will chip away at her credibility and finally show she is not capable of critical thinking.

Our first step is to understand the broad definition of Ethics within our paradigm. While I believe ethical behavior is innate, others do not. Either way, it is for sure our ethical behavior as adults can be compromised in many ways.

Ethics is Interchangeable with Morality (Source:

We need to know what we are talking about:

Richard William Paul and Linda Elder: “A set of concepts and principles that guide us in determining what behavior helps or harms sentient creatures.” They say most people confuse ethics with behaving in accordance with social conventions, religious beliefs and the law and don’t treat ethics as a stand-alone concept.

Rushworth Kidder: “standard definitions of ethics have typically included such phrases as ‘the science of the ideal human character’ or ‘the science of moral duty'”.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy: “ethics” is interchangeable with morality… and sometimes it is used more narrowly to mean the moral principles of a particular tradition, group or individual.

According to Socrates, people will naturally do what is good if they know what is right. Evil or bad actions are the results of ignorance. If a criminal was truly aware of the intellectual and spiritual consequences of his or her actions, he or she would neither commit nor even consider committing those actions. Any person who knows what is truly right will automatically do it. Socrates correlated knowledge with virtue and similarly equated virtue with joy. The truly wise man will know what is right, do what is good, and therefore be happy.
Aristotle taught an ethical system termed “virtuous.” In Aristotle’s view, when a person acts in accordance with virtue this person will do good and be content. Unhappiness and frustration are caused by doing wrong, leading to failed goals and a poor life. Therefore, it is imperative for people to act in accordance with virtue. Happiness was held to be the ultimate goal. All other things, such as civic life or wealth, were only made worthwhile and of benefit when employed in the practice of the virtues. Virtue denotes doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. The practice of the virtues is the surest path to happiness.

Our Script

Nice little girl looking at a photo of a nice looking, elderly gentleman:

Girl: “Grandma, where is Grandpa now?”

Kind Grandmother sadly: “He’s burning in Hell”.

(Note how the directness shocks. Almost everyone is burning in Hell, but to actually say it is inappropriate in our society. Your video is exempt from any convention.)

Girl: Was he bad?

GM: “No, he was a good man, he just did not go to church with me.”

Girl: “Am I bad?”

GM: “No, child! You are not bad. Children are born good. It is just that sometimes we are not as good as we should be when we get older and then we get punished after we die.”

Girl: “How can I be good forever? How can I know good and bad?”

GM: “Trust your heart. Be honest. Be kind. Follow the Golden Rule: Do for others what you would want them to do for you. Learn about Jesus and follow His rules.”

Girl: “Grandma, what is the difference between right and wrong?”

GM: “The difference is how you feel about it. If you make yourself and others happy, it’s usually right and if you make yourself or others sad, it’s usually wrong.”

Girl: “Grandma, so right is good and wrong is bad?”

GM: “Generally, yes, it’s a good place to start.”

Girl: “What is the difference between good and bad?”

GM: “The difference is pleasure and pain. If what you do brings lasting pleasure, it is good. If it brings lasting pain, it is bad.”

Girl: “Do all bad people go to Hell?”

GM; “Yes, that’s what our Bible says.”

Girl: “Grandma, What does our Bible say is bad?

GM: “Well, cursing, killing and selfishness are bad.”

Girl: “Grandma, my friend GrandBob says pizza is bad. That eating meat and cheese is bad. If I eat pizza, will I go to Hell?”

GM: “I cannot tell you this. This is something you must learn from your parents and your church.”

Girl: “Do you think eating animals is bad? Is it wrong?”

GM: “Yes, it is very bad. That’s why we don’t tell you until you grow up.”

Girl: “Why, Grandma? Will I go to Hell? Why can’t you tell me?”

GM: “Well, you would not allow me to feed you a pepperoni pizza if you knew how it is made.”

Girl: “Grandma, I don’t want to be bad. Who can tell me about pepperoni?”

GM: “It is not just the pepperoni, it is also the cheese that I can’t tell you about. You can’t know about chicken nuggets either until you grow up.”

Girl: “Grandma…please! Who can tell me…I am frightened!”

GM: “Don’t be frightened, child. It is not your fault yet. We wait until you are addicted to cheese. Even then, society hides the details of how it is made. Once you are addicted to these foods, as I am, then you can know a little about the processes. By that time, addiction will have compromised your sense of good and bad. You will enter our trance where you can disconnect even the consequences of what you eat today to what happens tomorrow.’

‘You see, If I tell you now, you would not want anyone eating hot dogs. And you would think everyone who does will go to Hell. You would not want me to eat my favorite foods, the ones that I feed to you.”

Girl upset: “Who will tell me about this? I must know! I want to be good!”

GM: “Well, perhaps you could call GrandBob. He can explain all this. But it will make you cry when he tells you what Mommies and Daddies are allowing to happen to our Planet Earth, to our animals and to the future of all our kids.”

(Video clip of pigs in slaughterhouse. Got to be careful here. Some of those videos of pigs being gassed and struggling interminably are exactly like the Jews in the Auschwitz gas chambers – Too much of this will sicken the viewer and be counterproductive. The visual, as true as it is, may lose your audience. And me too. I can’t stand to watch.)

Girl watching a scene from the Australian documentary, The Earthlings, and shrieks: “Grandma! Why is he beating that helpless pig?”

GM: “He has to kill the pig so you can eat pig. It’s just a pig. They are dirty and disgusting.”

Girl upset: “Grandma! What does our Bible say about this?!”

GM: “Well, I don’t know but our pastor hosts barbeques, so what we do to pigs in those Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations must be blessed by Jesus. I did hear a sermon by Billy Graham that seemed to disagree. His son, Franklin, converted to Vegan. Franklin even showed the head of a pig and marveled in disbelief that he ever ate these.”

Girl: “What did Mr. Graham say?”

(Scroll this on the screen and use a God-like voice to read it.)

‘The Bible says we must never treat any part of God’s creation with contempt. When we do, we are indirectly treating our Creator with contempt. Instead, God calls us to be stewards or trustees of His creation, and the Bible reminds us that we are responsible to Him for the way we treat it. We’ve often forgotten this — but it’s still true, and when we ignore it, we not only hurt God’s creation, but we also hurt ourselves.’

Girl: “Grandma, how can I eat a pepperoni pizza and not go to hell? Is this is treating our Creator and Jesus with contempt???”

Grandma: “Well, you must choose between having friends, going along with the crowd….. or treating yourself, our planet and God’s animals with respect. Either way, our pastor says you can still go to Heaven.” (This is one of those dichotomies with addiction.)

Girl to Camera: “GrandBob says he agrees with Aristotle that Virtue denotes doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. He quotes Socrates: The truly wise person will know what is right, do what is good, and therefore be happy.”

GM: “You will be fine as long as you continue to go to Sunday School with me and learn to mind Jesus and His Bible. You can join me in Heaven someday! Won’t that be wonderful!’

(They embrace)

GM: “As much as I love your grandpa, we sure don’t want to join him and all those freaky Hindus, and Muslims, and Buddhists and atheists. And especially all those creepy cavepeople.”

Girl: “Grandma, you are the best ever. I love you so much!”

(Close with happy scenes of kids with animals…petty zoo, etc.”

Chapter 6


“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown your own inner voice… have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

“If you don’t know what you stand for, your own values, then you don’t know what can be compromised and what cannot.” – Barack Obama 2019

Yesterday’s Truth can be Today’s Lies – Today’s Truth can be Tomorrow’s Lies

“I change my mind all the time based on new facts.” – Barack Obama 2019

Herein rests the greatest of my dilemmas: What is actually the truth?

Absolute truth is found in Nature. I trust this as fact. I will act as appropriate when I understand Her message. The problem is my human inability to always see and hear clearly. And this is exacerbated by the compromises to my mental and physical capacities as a fetus and child due to uninformed parents and society.

We all are entertained by recounts of our gullibility for endless versions of hogwash. Individuals and societies have been easy prey since the beginning of historic time (following the Agricultural Revolution). An example is the Medicine Show syndrome where people can be talked into drinking snake oil elixirs of unknown chemistries.

Dad and Mom smoked. They were told doctors smoke, Lucky Strike was good for your throat, smoking was good for weight control. Smoking kept birth weight down and made delivery easier. These “facts” were not even discussed in my childhood. Everyone knew this. No need for debate.

Now we know even stillborn births are statistically related to paternal smoking…and our sister was stillborn, I can become seemingly fanatical, even to myself, in my quest for facts. What are we doing at this very moment to harm our children and our children’s’ children? What can we do to avoid stillborn children?

What are we Doing that will Harm our Children?

Well, based on the history of man since the Ag Rev, it is probably a lot! We used to feed them butter… it was slippery and therefore, consuming large quantities was good for their arteries and veins. What a ridiculous joke! Today we tell them they need milk for strong bones and meat for protein. This sickens and kills them with the same statistical certainties as does household smoking. The World Health Organization and the Canadian government now agree…but not Trump. We can’t count on government to protect us or our kids.

Today we lie viciously by withholding the truths of what is going on behind the high fences at CAFOs. We don’t discuss the myriad of poor outcomes from eating chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets…one of the gateways to a life of junk food.

By presenting them with a Children’s’ Menu at home and on the road, we withhold critical information about the soon-to-be irretrievable environmental desecration, species extinction, and the 108 diseases related to our new food paradigm.

The harm is exponentially worse for our error of omission. Children have a right to know. They have a right to be innocent children all their lives.

Chapter 7


For those of you in the future, however far this book is retained, I am a fan of Dr. Elaine Pagels, currently of Princeton University. Her lifelong passion for understanding the nature of man’s relationship with religion has led her to conclude that there is a commonality in Sapiens that crosses all societies and all times. We are innately spiritual…we believe in a power higher than ourselves. Oneness is the vogue term.

She has come to respect all religions and their rituals, and she participates in many. She says it is good for the soul, deeply satisfying to our psyches. But she has not a clue about the afterlife. There is no clear direction. The preponderance of evidence leads her to think we have not been given specific instruction from any deity. That is my conclusion as well.

What, then, becomes a great frustration, is a lot of people think we can’t just die. We either have to embrace some form of our Post-Ag religions or burn in Hell. Why can’t we compromise, opt out and just die?

I don’t think I was born in “sin.” I watched my kids being born. I was engulfed in awe of the miracle given me. The purity, the innocence of that moment cannot be usurped by a self-appointed religious expert. I don’t want to wash my feet five times a day, rub a sore on my forehead in supplication, eat bread and drink wine while pretending it is some guy’s flesh and blood. What I want is to make myself a better person by giving back to my future Sapiens, especially my family.

I look skyward to the Blue Sky and downward to the Deep Ocean. I feel honored, humble and pure. I am overwhelmed by our daily revelations into the secrets of this world. I work toward purity, doing the right thing and helping others.

My many shortcomings are betterments in progress. All I feel I have to do is improve at every opportunity. This is the Good Life. Work toward shedding negative feelings and actions. It is a challenging task given that 90% of our thoughts are negative. Still, we know we can re-program our minds to embrace awe, gratitude and forgiveness. We are gifted with so much more potential. Nutrition, Holy Nutrition, is the key to the door of truth.

I lack the religious passion and intelligence of many of my mentors, Emerson in particular. I rely on them…all of them…Romanticists, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Tengrists…to collectively define our deepest Core Values. Values seen in Nature and not corrupted by organized, discriminatory rule bases emanating from the mind of man.

It is counter to this state of mind to “beg for forgiveness.” It seems demeaning. I did not invent the plow. I am working toward reparations, to reverse what we did to Nature, starting with my pleas to end CAFOs. My prayer is that this book will give you cause to join me. Meanwhile, I hope you will choose foods and drinks to speed your progress to your higher self. And for your kids. They deserve a better chance than we are giving them at this moment.

Let’s strive for a new beginning. GB