HealthSpan Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to our children and to the concept of Always Do The Right Thing. Join us in setting our kids on a course for optimum mental and physical development and to have the best immune systems. Our focus is nutrition. We look for information that is holistic in theme and preventative in practice. At HealthSpan Foundation, we love science, we love life, we love our planet and, most of all, we love you.

GrandBob's Books

These books challenge everything you think you know about people…and who you think you really are. We present a solid case for an alternate universe. There are lots of challenges ahead to your intellect, your knowledge, your paradigms…I am counting on your heart’s knowledge, your intuition, to “feel” what has happened as of 2019 and to guide you to a higher state of being…the one we left behind.

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GrandBob's Books

Grandbob's Videos

We hope that with this collection of informative videos, you’ll be able to gain some insight into the vast information that is available to all of us. You are welcome to browse and share as you please.

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