Scholarship Plan 1

Try it for 100 days!

Scholarship Plan 1

This facet of the Scholarship Program is designed to gently support experimentation and then transition into vegan food choices.

Overview: Plan A requires an application process to determine the motivation of the applicant in seeking financial aid toward changing his or her food paradigm. Each application is reviewed on its individual merits.

GSI lives with an honor code. So does HSF. If you say something, it is true. Self reporting is integral in the application process all the way to completion of the program.

The applicant must certify that they have read and listened to everything on the HSFweb site; that they are generally aware of the short and long term negative health consequences associated with the Standard American Diet; that they seek better overall health and healthspan longevity for themselves; that they will seek support and approval from their families; and that they will share their new lifestyle paradigm only gently with family and friends. Pragmatic Vegans take care of themselves first and lead by example with others. We are never judgmental. Never.

Applicants will be given a suite of information in the form of books and other literature. These will add to the understanding of Pragmatic Veganism and provide even more motivation to become healthy….. and to stop being treated as a fool by the Big Industries and Big Government. Menus, food lists, suggestions for eating on the road and a lot more will be provided to support your new pathway to health and longevity.

Successful Applicants will certify with their signature that they will faithfully attempt to become more aware each day of the foods they eat. This is in keeping with common sense…don’t eat junk…and in keeping with mindfulness of the awesome privilege and beauty of the foodstuffs provided in nature…to experience gratitude in many ways. This second level of awareness happens slowly and in short bursts….it is a practiced experience, a deliberate departure from our primitive emotions. The foods before you are truly a humbling experience.

Sound tough or odd….try it, you will love it! Pragmatic Veganism is a lifelong progression into a state of joy.

Details: HSF University will pay the Successful Applicant $10 for each day that is certified vegan, that everything consumed was from the Green List. Fasting counts as well.

The applicant will pay HSF $5 for each 24 hour period where they consumed food or drink from the Brown List.

This program for each successful applicant will terminate in 100 days.