Dr. Jaimela Dulaney

Plant Based Cardiologist and HealthSpan Foundation Diet and Lifestyle Consultant

Dr. Jaimela Dulaney

Jaimela Jill Dulaney is a West Virginia girl and whose grandfather taught her to shoot guns and squirrel hunt at an early age. Before she came of age to carry her 20 guage in the woods, she was tasked with wearing the shell vest with the game bag and walking behind grandfather. One day one of the several squirrels on her back miraculously came back to life. You have to experience this to appreciate it…..it is nothing like a ringneck arising from the dead!

Thus Dr. Dulaney has not always been a vegan. She began her conversion after discovering the facts about those Houses of Horrors, animal torture chambers in every sense, that are euphemistically called Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

She went on to discover both the preventative and healing powers of her new Whole Food/Plant Based diet. She is a perfect example of health and vitality. She sets Ironman records. Her passion to heal others sets her apart and above.

GrandBob (a Pragmatic Vegan)

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